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August 07 2019First Day of School
August 12 2019HM The Queen Sirikit's Birthday
August 15 2019Mother's Day Chapel Program
August 19 2019ITBS Pre-Test
August 20 2019ITBS Pre-Test
August 21 2019ITBS Pre-Test
August 23 2019Wai Khru Day
August 30 2019Pathfinder & Adventurer Induction Ceremony
September 01 2019Home & School Association Meeting
September 09 2019Week of Prayer (1st Sem)
September 10 2019Week of Prayer (1st Sem)
September 11 2019Week of Prayer (1st Sem)
September 12 2019Week of Prayer (1st Sem)
September 13 2019Week of Prayer (1st Sem)
October 08 20191st Quarter Exams
October 09 20191st Quarter Exams
October 10 20191st Quarter Exams
October 15 20191st Day of 2nd Quarter
October 14 2019King Rama IX Memorial Day
October 23 2019Chulalongkorn Day
October 24 2019Parent-Teacher Conferences
After School
October 25 2019Parent-Teacher Conferences
After School
October 28 2019Reading Week
October 29 2019Reading Week
October 30 2019Reading Week
October 31 2019Reading Week
November 01 2019Reading Week
November 13 2019Thai Social Etiquette / Courtesy Day Chapel Progra
November 29 2019On Our Way to Bethlehem (Christmas Presentation)
December 05 2019HM King Bhumibol's Birthday (No school)
December 06 2019Father's Day Program
December 10 2019Constitution Day (No school)
December 09 2019Second Quarter Exams
December 11 2019Second Quarter Exams
December 12 2019Second Quarter Exams
December 13 2019Last Day of the Semester / Class Party
December 16 2019Christmas Holidays
December 17 2019Christmas Holidays
December 18 2019Christmas Holidays
December 19 2019Christmas Holidays
December 20 2019Christmas Holidays
December 23 2019Christmas Holidays
December 24 2019Christmas Holidays
December 25 2019Christmas Holidays
December 26 2019Christmas Holidays
December 27 2019Christmas Holidays
December 30 2019Christmas Holidays
December 31 2019Christmas Holidays
January 01 2020Christmas Holidays
January 02 2020Christmas Holidays
January 03 2020Christmas Holidays
January 06 2020Third Quarter Begins
January 10 2020Children's Day Program
January 16 2020Teacher's Day (No school)
January 24 2020Sports Day